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Get your shit together, Carol!

"Hold onto your voice. Hold onto your breath. Don’t make a noise don’t leave your room unil I come back from the dead for you. I will come back from the dead for you."
- Richard Siken
"You Are Jeff” (via theworldismadeofwords)

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"It is not our job to remain whole.
We came to lose our leaves
Like the trees, and be born again,
Drawing up from the great roots."
- Robert Bly (via observando)

(via deeplystained)

"My story isn’t sweet and harmonious like
invented stories. It tastes of folly and
bewilderment, of madness and dream,
like the life of all people who no longer
want to lie to themselves."
- Hermann Hesse (via petrichour)

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"Season of the Witch" (1966), Donovan

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"The ink, the stain,
the shape. The color. I’m a
bird. I’m everything. Without any more
confusion. All the bells.
The rules. The lands. The
big grove, the greatest
tenderness. The immense tide.
Garbage. Water jar, cardboard
cards. Dice digits duets
vain hope of constructing
the cloths. The kings.
To silly. My nails. The
thread and the hair. The bantering nerve
I’m going with myself. Tne absent
minute. I have stolen you and
I leave weeping. I’m just kidding."
- Frida Kahlo, from a diary entry (via violentwavesofemotion)


this month’s horoscopes

TAURUS: dirt
GEMINI: ether
CANCER: paper
LEO: hair
VIRGO: milk
LIBRA: blood
SCORPIO: cement
AQUARIUS: marrow
PISCES: whiskey
ARIES: bone

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